Modern City


We are individual traders who wanted better capabilities to filter and optimize trading, specifically for options. After all, knowing a particular strategy does not always prove helpful in the underlying decision of which option strike to purchase or sell. We developed our own calculators to improve profits, minimize losses, improve our probability of success and reduce the time of research to focus more on the things we love to do. 

Our Expertise

We have been trading stocks and options for many years. Our developer, Dr. Jacob Pate, created these tools using similar software that he used for data analysis during his Physics PhD journey. Additionally, he has created his own personal automated trading system for options. 

Our Commitment to Results

We strive to provide the best trading tools on the market. We are continually improving our products and we welcome suggestions for potential improvements!

Our Philosophy

We aim to reduce the stress and complexity of trading to encourage more people to gain an experience and understanding of the stock market. Furthermore, we believe that it is our privilege to equip the trader with the best possible options trading tools. 

Our Experience

We have traded stocks and options for many years and have extensive experience with programming our own calculators and data analysis software. Combining our programming and options trading experience, we have also developed an automated trading system.

Dr. Jacob Pate


Dr. Pate graduated from the University of California, Merced in 2020 with his PhD in Physics. He has also performed renowned research at the Australian Research Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems. His diverse research background and interest in the stock market led him to develop options calculators for optimized trading.